BHcrafts is proudly announcing successful beginning of 2017. From now on BHcrafts is „guaranteed fair trade producer“, which means that the fair trade logo will appear on the products, together with BHcrafts name and label. 

As usual, we are the first producer with such certificate in the region!

BHcrafts sa ponosom objavljuje uspješan početak 2017te godine. Od ove godine smo stekli status "garantiranog fair trade proizvođača", što znači da će fair trade label biti istaknut i na proizvodima, a ne samo na zbirnoj ambalaži, kako je to proteklih godina bio slučaj.

Emira Hodžić is yang Bosnian women, who decided not to sit and wait for the job, or social benefits, but use her skills in knitting and crocheting to earn money for living.
Emira joined BHcrafts project 11 years ago, and she says that being the part of BHcrafts family is not just the source of income, but improvement of the skills through organized trainings and suggestions and instructions from BHcrafts Production Manager and Production Co-coordinator. In 2005, when she joined this project, her skill was ranged as „average“, and now it's „excellent“.
I'm, also, obliged to thank to Sundance Catalogue and all their customers, who are enabling a good load of work and fair income for Emira.
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